How can anyone truly describe themselves? It's an impossible thing to do. We defy description. 

I like people but also need time alone. I like to laugh. When I laugh really hard I look like I'm smelling something stinky and might eat your face. I'm self-deprecating. 


I enjoy using my hands. I am resourceful. I love to sing and make up songs with my kids. I hardly ever rhyme. I like it that way. I like to play. I can make a game out of anything.

I want to work with people who challenge me, make me better, are kind and do their best. I want to work with people who are supportive of one another and who remember that none of us are more important than the whole. I want to work with people who, like me, are working on their capacity to truly listen, be accountable, make amends, forgive and restore. I want to show up whole hearted and ready to take the leap. I want to work on and see plays that move me, scare me, push me, see me and affirm the humanity of people not like me.

I am happy to be here and feel lucky that I am. Here's to as many years as I can get on this earth. Amen.

Photo by Teresa Castracane