I'm an actress living in the Washington, D.C. area, where I grew up.  I'm a two time Helen Hayes Award Winner and a two time potty trainer of my children. Getting my kids to use the toilet is an achievement as great as my Helen Hayes Awards. The trophy for potty training isn't on display though. It's inappropriate. 


My Current Interests

I have been recognizing a great many things about how I learn and therefore how I work. I am a visual person.  I find myself to be the most activated when I'm moving, drawing, singing, building or engaging in some other experiential way. 


Often we begin the work of a play by sitting at a table and talking. It is necessary for many reasons to spend time talking about the work, however, I've come to believe exploring plays in multi modal ways would give more participants access to the conversation. 


I have often felt imaginatively dulled after a week of talking about a play without the use of any other exploratory means. To talk for a week and then stand up to stage a play reminds me of sitting and talking about the mechanics of running before jumping up to run a marathon. Perhaps stretching might be appropriate?  I do realize many artists are verbal thinkers and are therefore at their best when we are at the table, but in order to have an accessible room for all learners/thinkers, I'm interested in working with collaborators who allow artists to make art while making art.

What if the first week of rehearsal wasn't just around a table? What if the designers weren't the only ones who shared or created art at the first read? What if actors got the chance to draw, paint, create movements, make music or bring in a sound scape AND talked? What if we went back and forth during rehearsals between verbal explorations and artistic explorations of the material? The learners who've not been engaged during the process might go into the staging process full of ideas, creativity and excitement. 

I'm interested in working with collaborators who get what the hell I'm talking about. There is a whole world to explore beyond the standard table work process and I'm interested in that exploration.

If you need me, I'll be drawing.



Doc says 20/20, though I have a hard time driving at night.  So maybe 20/20DAY?